Women Should Train Like Men

The basic protocols behind increased strength (and the benefits behind it), and body re-composition is valid for both males and females.

If this was a pure “Body Building” site, then I may comment differently, but it's not and it's not intended to be. 

The media – and most health clubs as well – have done a great job in portraying heavy, Basics First, weight training as a man’s world, not a female one. The notion that if a woman lifts more than 20 lbs or does any less than 10 reps, then she is “entering” the mans world, and will eventually “bulk out” and get thicker - simply isn’t true.

Though there is obviously a clear difference between men and women at the genetic level, there is clear scientific reason as to why a woman will not look overly muscular just because she lifts heavy weights. On the contrary, women have genetically higher type 1 muscle fibers, which take slower time to fatigue, and the reduced need for recovery means that they can technically handle higher repetitions and higher volume.

Higher repetitions and higher volume will induce, in the long run, increased muscle size. 

If strength – its benefits – and body re-composition is the objective, then women should definitely train like men.

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