I dabbled in strength training several years ago and really loved feeling strong. I ended up moving out of state and never got back into it. Over the years, I’ve thought about starting again but was intimidated to lift weights on my own. I’ve gained 50 lbs since then and wasn’t even sure what I was capable of anymore. (I’m also 46 now) About a month ago, I saw an Anytime Fitness post on Instagram that really spoke to me. I felt like it was the little push I needed to get back into the gym. I sent a message inquiring about personal training and set up an in-person meeting with Bonnie. I mentioned that I used to deadlift almost 200 lbs and wanted to get back into strength training again but I also wanted to lose 50-60 lbs. Not long after our meeting, it was decided that I would start training with Luca - strictly strength training. I was very excited and terrified at the same time. Even though I had some experience, I knew my form needed some work and I had no idea how my body was going to respond. I had done some walking here and there but that was the extent of my exercise for about 7 years. I met with Luca just so he could see me do some basic movements - squat, lunge, plank, etc. I probably did a total of 10 squats and 10 lunges and my legs were SO sore the next day. What was I getting myself into? That day, we also discussed my macros for training and non-training days. I was very familiar with MyFitnessPal but I hadn’t tracked my food consistently, ever, much less paid attention to the protein, fat and carbs. Over the weekend, I got rid of the junk food in my house and mentally prepared for my first training session on Monday. Yesterday was my 8th training session and I’m so glad I made the decision to work with Luca. My form needed lots of tweaking on my squat, overhead press, bench press and deadlift but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made in a few short weeks. This week I deadlifted 205 x 5!! If you asked me 3 weeks ago if I could lift that much, I would’ve said, “no way!” I’m actually enjoying tracking my macros and it helps that I have the extra accountability of sending a screenshot to Luca at the end of every day. Since cleaning up my diet and hitting my macros every day, I’ve noticed that I have a lot more energy throughout the day. I’m sore after my workouts but have been recovering pretty quickly. Very excited to see how the consistency continues to pay off.


I have always wanted to hire a trainer and learn to lift. Working from home in the first part of 2020 made me inactive, and my back pain returned due to my long hours in front of a computer. I was scared to work out with weights because I don't want to make my back pain worse. I reached out to Luca at Primordial Strength Training because I knew he has similar back issues, but lifted weights and recently purchased a gym with his wife, Bonnie. He designed an eating plan to support my goals and explained the training program in detail. Two weeks into my training, the back pain was gone, and I had more energy. Now, nine weeks in, I feel more energetic, back pain is a distant memory, and I have lost 14 pounds! I love lifting, and I am thankful I trusted Luca. I highly recommend Luca and his training if you have similar health and fitness goals. Call him today. You won't regret it. - Stephanie C.

Stephanie C.

I joined Primordial Strength Training as a client in August 2019 and my goals were to gain strength and lose weight. I was a 63-year-old diabetic weighing 245 pounds. I’m 64 now, but I dropped over 45 pounds. I was able to reduce my diabetes medication and my visits to my physician. My strength and endurance have improved. The program measures your progress every session, so I know what I can squat, press and lift every day. And I have noticed improvements as well to flexibility, coordination, posture and balance. Prior to strength training, I had noticed some changes to my gait, as if I were unsure of my steps. No more! Luca starts with the very basics so that even an older newbie like me learns the correct and safe way to lift. He also consults on my diet to make sure I am eating correctly to lose weight and gain strength. My goals have changed now that I have hit my target weight and the program is flexible to help me meet those changing goals. I just look forward to every day I can train now and I don’t think I would ever imagine saying that about a gym. Jim Goodale Ormond Beach March 2020


Excellent knowledge about routines and macronutrients. In a short time, I improved a lot physically and started feeling very, very happy with my body.


I went to the gym about 8 months ago. I had a medical problem and was definitely overweight so I was looking to get into shape. Luca introduced me to barbell training which I was not real sure of at the time. However, 8 months later I have since then reversed my diabetes, lost 65 lb and every time I go into the gym now I'm breaking new personal best records. This has now inspired me to walk part of the Appalachian trail, which I'm hoping to do this April and walk about 50 to 60 miles. Since I've started Barbell Training I have gained more energy, more stamina and all in general I just feel better. Thanks To Luca and to his staff. They will help you out with whatever you may need. testimonials text


About Luca Pomaro

I’ve been involved in Sports and physical fitness all my life. Born in Italy and raised in Canada, I started playing hockey at the age of 6 and played for about 40 years, including 10 years of professional hockey in Italy.

My dad bought me my first set of dumbells when I was 8. Back then, (early 70’s) it was thought that weight training at such an early age would stun your growth, so my mom got rid of the dumbells while I was at school.

For a very long time hockey was the only thing I cared about. Back in Canada it's our game. It’s the most beautiful this I have ever done, and still to this day I miss it so much it's crazy.

I had to stop playing competitive hockey due to severe back problems, so I started full contact kickboxing (which wasn’t much better for my back), earning a black belt in the discipline.

I had to stop that too due to severe back pains.

Following visits to various renown neurosurgeons in many places, (Bologna, Verona, Milan, New York to name a few), I was left with no choice. According to them there was nothing I can do other than swimming. I hate swimming! I realized that the only activity that did not bother my back was weight training, so I started getting passionate about it, and included running in my program. At the time there was no internet and not much information out there on resistance training (In fact there still isn’t a whole lot of solid information. You need to know where to go find it), so I did what I thought was good for me and followed the programs available on lay magazines.All that me led me to severe tendonitis from the running and a bursted disk from Leg Pressing too much weight, which led to back surgery.

Not one to give up, I started a new journey in trying to understand the best way to train your body and avoid injuries, (by this time the internet is alive and kicking, but you still have to know how to navigate through the hoards of misinformation out there). I knew that Strength Training was the way to go, so I started experimenting on myself various training protocols, both for strength gains and nutritional requirements. I also got deeply involved with abbreviated training routines, learning that sometimes – more often than not - less is more.

Most of my knowledge in the field comes from reading scientific articles and experiments I have tried on myself. Trial and error. Some successful, most not, but a lot of knowledge gathered.

In this multi-billion industry there is a lot of poor information out there, yet training is rather simple, straightforward, and if your training is set up correctly then you should be able to see the results. If the results are not there, either in strength gains or body composition, then there is a strong chance that something is being done incorrectly.

At this moment I feel confident I can consider myself well taught in Strength Training, nutritional counselling and body re-composition,with over 12 years in this specific field. I am still learning though, and always will. With hockey out of my life it has now become my one true passion.

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