Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Brandon Harden


I was born and raised in the Chicago area,and became involved in athletics at a young age. Growing up I would spend a lot of time in my high school gym, between waiting for my sister to get out of cheer leading and watching people in the weight room, on wrestling mats, and on the football field. I tried playing some sports, until I realized that I enjoyed the training more than the game and went all in on barbell training.

When I began working various labor jobs, the longest one being a steel mill, it was then that I reached my first performance peak in the gym at the cost of some injuries. Shortly after, I realized that overworking and over training TOOK a huge toll on my body and I decided to get out of labor and join my friend in opening a tattoo shop in Chicago. During this time, I was able to recover and get my training back on track, but this time with more reasonable goals.

After getting the business stable with my friend, I realized that if I wanted to continue improving my health, that I needed to move somewhere warm because the Chicago winters and aging began interfering in my training and ability to keep up with the pace and quality of life I was used to. That is when my wife and I decided to move to Florida. 

I have been performing under the barbell consistently for 14 years and I am still learning new information and returning back to the basics. Finding a balance through life, nutrition, and training is something you have to consistently be mindful of and work on. BASIC Barbell Training is definitely the most beneficial training I have ever done – and still continue to - and is what I used to correct some physical issues I had due to years of manual labor.

I have made some of my closest friendships in the gym. Working with someone and seeing a transformation has been one of the most rewarding things I have been a part of, and I strive to help others reach their goals every day.

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